perjantai 3. kesäkuuta 2011



Timo ja Noki

Kimmo ja Hapsi
Kaahot <3

Siiri kertoo Nokille huvittavia juttuja


Siiri vähäse habana

Siiri muikkuhommissa
Dislocated eye

Pikkumiestä ihmetytti tyttöjen hommat

Reilu kerho
Bäts män with teeth

Isojakin vähä väsytti kotimatkalla <3

Kaikki kuvat

5 kommenttia:

  1. Onko toisilla ollu vähän hauskaa <3

    T. Kateellinen Piironki

  2. Vähänkö kammottava Pentu! Onnea Noelle ja omistajalle. Ja suukkoja tytöille. T R&R

  3. As always, the pictures are very beautiful...fabulous landscape and funny dogs.
    We will disover your country at the summer, and it's very exciting.
    But we have one question : Is there a lot of animals to hunt for the dogs ?
    Because Lupin is a hunter and he runs behind animal many times

  4. Hi!!!

    Good to hear from you.
    It depends where you travel.. the animals i mean. In the south you have moose, deers, rabbits ... reindeers in the north etc. I believe that the birds are nesting now so it is said in the law that you must keep dogs on a leash during the nesting season. Just this that you know :)

    Our dogs are never on a leash while we are in a forest but then I must avoid the bird and reindeer areas.. Siiri is reactive chaser as well so I must know where we move when she is free :D

  5. Hello,

    thank you for your answer.
    We will be careful to Lupin, to not run after the animals.
    We will have 2 weeks (in july) to discover your country and see some lapinporokoiras, maybe.

    We take a car at Helsinky and we drive into the country : Imatra, Kupio, Kajaani, Ylivieska (to meet the Lupin's mother), Oulu, Rukatunturi, Luosto, Inari, Enontekio, Sirrka and Rovaniemi.

    We think pass a very nice travel when we see your pictures. We like this kind of nature !

    Thank for all.
    Have a nice day
    Audrey and Mireille